<aside> 💡 As a one liner I would say I am a Backend Engineer who has fiddled just enough DevOps to keep everything flowing. Have tinkered quite a lot of Flutter to build a few mobile applications as well.

To rephrase and describe a bit more, I am just a simple and small guy (both figuratively and literally) who has been trying to exit VIM and travel the world.

I have been trying out almost everything that I possibly can and still trying to figure out my genre, but I believe I will just keep on exploring more and more things because my love for tech is ever-growing and I don't think I will ever be able to settle with just one form of tech.

Oh! Did I mention that I love to travel?


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I believe the last line was not really a one liner and that in general should have give you a decent enough overview into the kind of things I am into.

This is more of a new domain that I have got and hopefully this is the one I will be using for my personal blogging as well as portfolio throughout the rest of my life, hence it will definitely take some decent enough amount of time to build up some content.

Please do bear with this lame note till then. Peace!

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